Rapalytics site preview

Rapalytics is a website that I built in 2015 to visualize a suite of analytics extracted from Rap lyrics. It was built off about 10k songs from 150 different artists using D3 & Django. I haven't maintained it since 2015 so its pretty dated (it's still running on Python 2.7 😅). However, at the time, one of the visualizations got some coverage in pop media and here are some links referring the project.

A reference I personally like the most was the wikiHow article on "How to Be a Famous Rapper" that cites an article I wrote exploring some basic surface-level analytics between underground & mainstream rappers 😊

The site itself has no explicit references to me and I cooked up a couple of anthropomorphic animals as the creators. This was my first foray into web development so while I haven't looked at it in years, it still is my baby and I might just hack around a bit when I get some time 🚀